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Bill Nye Defends His 'Science Guy' Title on 'The Late Show'

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been under fire lately for not really being a "science guy." Bill has taken a strong stance on things like climate change, and people who disagree with him have been questioning his credibility. So during his visit to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Bill defended science cred. Bill graduated from Cornell with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and even took an astronomy class with the legendary Carl Sagan while he was attending the Ivy League school. Although, when Colbert mentioned that there had been chatter on the Internet about Bill being the "engineering guy" and not the "science guy," Bill quickly defended himself. He said, "Ok, everybody! A mechanical engineer, it's physics, for four years, it's physics! I'm sorry, I took six semesters of calculus. Is that enough?" And if that wasn't enough, Bill talked about how the class he took with Carl Sagan led to him joining The Planetary Society, which led to him now being the CEO of The Planetary Society.

Source: Yahoo

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