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Republican Senators in Danger of Losing Primary Battles

Three Republican senators appear to be at risk of losing primary battles to challengers, a feat that has only been pulled off five times since 1994. Those who appear at risk of losing their seats to right-wing challengers included Sens. Luther Strange of Alabama — who will face Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore in a runoff election next week — Jeff Flake of Arizona, and Dean Heller of Nevada. The trio of Republican senators have fared poorly in recent polls testing them against their challengers. For Strange, who was appointed to the seat held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his polling deficit to Moore exceeds eight points. Unlike Flake and Heller, however, Strange has had Trump's support throughout the election, even while his opponent has received backing from many pro-Trump corners of the party. Breitbart News, which is once again run by former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, has promoted Moore's candidacy heavily on its platform. Flake, the Arizona Republ

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