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Woman Arrested for 'Drink Riding' a Horse to Liquor Store

A woman was arrested in Logan, Queensland, for allegedly “drink riding” a horse to a liquor store late on Monday, June 4.At around 11:30 pm, police received reports about the woman refusing to leave the licensed premises on Wembley Road. The “heavily intoxicated” 51-year-old was taken to Logan Central Police Station, where she allegedly tested a positive blood/breath alcohol content (<span class="caps">BAC</span>) of 0.226 per cent – more than four times the <a href="" target="_blank">legal limit</a>.The woman had been charged with being in charge of a horse whilst under the influence of liquor. She will appear in court on June 26.Police issued a warning to the public that “drink driving does not just mean a vehicle, it can include a horse”. Credit: Queensland Police via Storyful

Source: Storyful

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